+ - "Skylight"

David Hare’s luminously beautiful and wildly truthful SKYLIGHT is deeply and truly about people... It is a fascinating play (that) tears at the heart...
- New York Post

Some plays dissolve with time. David Hare’s SKYLIGHT actually seems to have got richer since its premiere in 1995. - Michael Billington, The Guardian


+ - "In a Dark, Dark House"
In A Dark, Dark House

Brilliantly directed by Larry Moss, whose deep understanding of this most complex material generated hair-raising, mesmerizing performances from his very talented cast, backed up by an excellent production design crew...
- Beverly Cohn, editor of LA Splash
Read Ms. Cohn's full review here

Intense, riveting... This production of 'In A Dark Dark House' is theater at its best!
- BroadwayWorld

...this production of one of Neil LaBute's most emotionally raw works is confident and compelling.
- Hollywood Reporter

"Dark House's" gripping two hours at the Matrix benefits from clear visual realization and the all-pro cast’s confident navigation of the play's language, ideas and emotions.
- ArtsMeme

+ - "Holding the Man"
Holding the Man

Steven Stanley of Stage Scene LA
named Holding the Man
as one of the "best of the best"
of Los Angeles theater
productions in 2014.

"A deeply personal story of the heart... rock solid performances... nuanced direction"
- LA Times

"The entire cast is terrific in this true-life love story. Tommy Murphy's adaptation of Timothy Conigrave's book as directed by Larry Moss is superbly presented by the Australian Theatre Company. It is one of our FEATURED events.GO!"
– Performing Arts LIVE

"WOW!... as imaginatively staged as it is brilliantly performed."
- Stage Scene LA

"Gripping… a remarkable love story... will deeply affect gay and straight audiences alike."
- Life In LA

"A sure-footed start for [ATC's] promising company... excellent work."
- Cultural Weekly

+ - Clint Jones - Remembering...
Holding the Man
+ - "When Everything Was Possible"
Holding the Man

For more information visit:

+ - Clint Jones - "This Thing Called Love"
Holding the Man

For more information visit:

+ - MFI Summer Program
Holding the Man

July 20-27, 2012

Manhattan Film Institute is proud to announce their extraordinary Summer Program for Actors, Directors, and Writers on the idyllic North Fork of Long Island.

Come join this world-class faculty of professionals as they provide the environment, expertise, and focus to elevate and refine your craft.

Does an entire week long retreat with Larry Moss sound appealing? Or an entire week of writing with Chazz Palminteri? Living and working in idyllic surroundings without life's daily distractions?

Or how about two whole weeks as a director or actor – working together to create an original short film from beginning to end – and then screening it at the Greenport Cinema Theatre before leaving with a copy of your film?

If any of this peaks your curiosity then by all means check out the flyer and go to the website:

+ - "Runt of the Litter"
Holding the Man

The New York Times named Runt of the Litter, "One of the Most Powerful Plays in the last decade."

Written and Performed by Bo Eason

Directed by Larry Moss

Check the Video Gallery for more.

+ - "Beast on the Moon"
Beast of the Moon

In 1921, an Armenian mail-order bride is shipped to Milwaukee to begin a new life with her photographer husband. Both yearn to emerge from the dark shadows of the Armenian holocaust.

Written Richard Kalinoski

Directed by Larry Moss

+ - "Who Is Floyd Stearn?"
Who Is Floyd Stearn

"Who Is Floyd Stearn?" is the question that Michael Raynor asked himself for over 20 years. Originally developed with master storyteller-teacher, Mark Travis. It premiered for critics in the prestigious Assembly Rooms at The Edinburgh Theater Festival, and later opened The Edgmare Center For The Arts’ Kaleidoscope Festival in Santa Monica under Larry Moss’s direction.

+ - "JAM - Just Another Man"
Just Another Man

(Formally know as Breathe) is Clint Holmes' highly acclaimed Broadway-targeted, autobiographical musical. This exciting new production previewed to enthusiastic audiences at the Judy Bayley Theater at UNLV in June 2007.

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+ - "R.F.K."

Most anyone can predict the final scene of Jack Holmes' one-man staging of the last days of Bobby Kennedy, but the inevitable assassination is the only nod to the expected in "R.F.K." The play hurtles through the theater with surprising force, expanding the well-known facts of a politician's life into a stirring metaphor for the struggle to believe in governments and leaders.

Variety Review

+ - "The Syringa Tree"
The Syringa Tree

A deeply personal story of an abiding love between two families - one white, one black -and the two children that are born into their shared South African household in the early 1960s.